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Sporting Highlights

2022 Royal Artillery Sports Parachute Association

What a great year for the Royal Artillery Sports Parachute Association! The team has had a phenomenal 2022 and continues to go from strength to strength.

• 17 full members (vs 6 in 2021)
• 3 competitions (AFPC, Nationals and Indoor Nationals)
• Rookie FS – Silver Medal 🥈at AFPC
• Junior Accuracy (Black Swans) – Gold Medal 🥇 at AFPC
• Junior Accuracy individual – Silver Medal 🥈 at AFPC
• A Category FS – 4th place at AFPC
• Rookie FS – Silver Medal 🥈 at British Skydiving Nationals
• 2 teams entered into the British Indoor Skydiving Nationals at iFly Basingstoke
• 2 tunnel training sessions

We could not do it without our committed and dedicated team members so well done to everyone who has participated this year!