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Army Ladies ToW – B&I, Coleraine, Northern Ireland

From the success of the National championships the Army Ladies ToW team were invited to represent England at the B&I at 520 Kg. After completing all of the mandatory competitions after the Nationals, they conducted a 2-week training camp, then deployed to Coleraine. The closed (representing England) only had 4 teams, 2 Scottish and 2 English, they pulled everyone and even took an end off the other England team, their main rivals all season (Bedford Ladies). The girls qualified for the finals, but unfortunately it wasn’t to be, and they came away with a hard earnt silver. The Saturday saw the team enter the club open as Army but renamed Wiltshire ladies due to potential security issues. The 520 Kg, again achieved a silver, the 540 Kg, was a very hard-fought 3rd. With only 3 pullers having pulled before and the rest of the team being beginners this is an amazing achievement.

The team have been fantastic on its return to ToW and WO1 (ASM) Wyatt (REME) said it has been a pleasure to coach them this year. In previous years he has been under a lot of stress due to natural wastage towards the end of the season, but not this time. All the ladies have bonded together, worked for each other, committed, and displayed true grit and determination in all they have done.

I, WO1 ASM (Damo) Richards and LCpl (Danny) Webber (both REME) attended the same event and both represented England. LCpl Webber was substitution for the England 600kg, 580kg 4×4 and 680kg, whilst WO1 Richards was anchor man for the 680kg. The 600kg team were the strongest on the day and came away with gold, LCpl Webbers first national medal. In the 680kg LCpl Webber was substituted in after a gruelling end which involved a no pull followed by a loss against Ireland B. LCpl Webber’s substitution was well proven with England B beating Ireland B to go through to the final against England A. England A were the stronger team on the day so both WO1 Richards and LCpl Webber were awarded silver for their efforts. LCpl Webber was called on again in the 580kg 4×4 after a puller hurt his back. The team rolled well but unfortunately the team accumulated 3 cautions in the three end pull of which resulted in them losing in the bronze medal pull against Northern Ireland.