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Army Boxing Team Inter-Services Champions

Many congratulations to the Army Boxing Team on their interservice win at RAF Halton on 16 March!   This is the first IS Boxing Championships since 2019, as the 2020 competition was cancelled due to the first COVID-19 National Lockdown.

Boxing was finally authorised for resumption in July 2021, but did not gather any real momentum until Sept. After a near 18-month cessation of any activity, many of the stalwarts of the Army and Navy Boxing Teams had to return to career activities or take up alternative boxing opportunities.  As such the Army Boxing Team has a new and fresher look, with much less experience for the coaches to work with but plenty of talent to develop.

The IS Team for 2022 was very different from the one in 2019 that featured, Natty Ngwenya, Josh Woods, Carnell Brown, John Marvin, Pete Love, Ben Rees Davies amongst others.

There were one or two familiar faces in Chez Nihell, who having retired from his pro boxing journey due to the lack of opportunities, registered once again with the Army Boxing Association.  The evergreen Sgt Shamim Khan and LCpl Josh Plummer returned to the team several weeks ago to fill in for Cpl Carnell Brown who had to deploy at short notice.