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Army v Berkhamsted

Thursday 16th September

First army fixture of the new season saw some fantastic matches against a very strong combination of Berkhamsted 1st and 2nd teams.

Former world top 150, Adam Fuller, got Berko off to a winning start beating Army number one, Paul Jones, on the night.

Although there were some very close matches, the only army winner of the night went to Dale McCarter.

First army debuts went to Chris Roper and Franz Schweighart Gate .

Adam Fuller 3 – 0 Paul Jones

Ali Coker 3 – 1 Dean Boys

Grace Gear 3 – 0 Arthur May

Dan Ludlam 3 – 0 Chris Roper

George Walton 3 – 1 Paul Ryan

Paul Green 3 – 2 Franz Schweighart Gate

Richard Carr 3 Р0  Michelle Higgins

Mark Shattock 3 – 0 Kevin Hall

Jon Shaw 2 -3 Dale McCarter

Gareth Collett 3 – 0 Alistair Smith