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Sporting Highlights

Army Women’s Tug-of-War team back and on the rope

Fantastic to see the Army Women’s Tug-of-War team back and on the rope. They pulled at Bosley in the first competition of the season, and what a start it was
The 560, first weight was a tough weight.
They took the 1st end from Melton and went 1 each. The next ends were hard strong ends, always tough when pulling against the youth, and finishing in joint 4th place.
Next up the Women’s Catch Weight 6 a side, an unexpected weight put on by the YFC. A dominant performance not dropping an end and winning that convincingly for Gold
Lincoln wanted to put in a 4×4 so the Army Women joined up and put 4 brave ladies in pulling with the World Champion men’s team.
A tight rope and they carried it off brilliantly, for a Lincoln/Army Gold
In the 520, they weighed very light due to pulling with 7, but a valiant effort beating teams with eight people through sheer grit and determination. 5th place achieved, hard fought well done
Finally the 540 weight where they were fairly close on weight, and with eight ladies on the rope. The team surprised themselves by taking both first ends clean from Bedford, then the teams kept falling, not dropping an end against hard teams for Gold
Strong effort from everyone in attendance
All in, one team, strong as one.
Well done all