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Sport Safety and Assurance

Army Sport  has undergone significant transformation and is continually adapting to anticipate existing and potentially new threats to safety in sport. Army Sport employs an Army Sport Safety and Assurance Officer. His main role is:

`…to provide reassurance to Army Sport on the compliance by Army Sport Associations and Unions with issued policy, understanding existing policy, making recommendations for improvement and conduct a series of assurance advisory visits…`

It is emphasised that DASCB’s intent is not to create excessive amounts of work for those involved in running sport, it advocates the requirement to conduct a simple review of sport delivery using good judgment and SME knowledge; producing sufficient auditable records to help ensure our Service personnel and those involved in organising and competing in sport are properly protected. This is an independently programmed role which is now a well-established series of audits and visits reporting directly to DASCB; updating the Army Sport Board Members as and when necessary and in accordance with the Army Sport Battle Rhythm.


Governance and Publications

Please see the Useful Publications page for relevant Safety and Assurance documentation.

Assurance Updates

Visit Updates