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ATA Athlete Application Form 2021

2021 Squad Selection.

Applications are now open for ATA members to themselves forward for consideration to be an ATA Squad member, who will represent the Army throughout the 2021 season. As always, the ATA fundamental aim is to win all tree Inter-Service Races.

The ATA Squad consists of four teams; Men’s Senior Team, Women’s Senior Team, Men’s Masters Team and Women’s Masters Team.

Application Process

Available Places. The ATA 2021 Squad will be selected to enable individual Team Captains to select the best teams for each Inter-Service Race.  All places will be open for selection regardless of the 2020 team selection.  Applications will be reviewed early January 2021.

The ATA 2021 Squad is broken down as follows:

  1. Men’s Senior Squad – 18 places.
  2. Men’s Masters Squad– 10 places. (Men’s Masters is defined as being 40 years or older on 31 December 2021.)
  3. Women’s Senior Squad – 10 places.
  4. Women’s Masters Squad – 8 places. (Women’s Masters is defined as being 35 years or older on 31 December 2021.

All members of the ATA are eligible to apply for a Squad place.  Selection will be based on set criteria that maximises potential and performance of both the team and athlete.

For all the details and application form please click here ATA Athlete Application Form

All applications need to be in by 15 Jan 21, applications after this date will not be accepted.