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The Army Triathlon Association (ATA) recognise that due to the COVID-19 pandemic maintaining motivation and interest in sport whilst in a period of no sporting activity is essential to the continued growth of the ATA. Furthermore, due to the longevity of this pandemic, the ATA are fully committed to providing a long term educational platform for its members in order to enhance an individual’s understanding of all aspects of the sport, enhance mental wellbeing and ultimately empower the members to train appropriately.

There will be 4 Online Seminars that are happening in July 2020 all focusing on different parts of training, nutrition and a live Q&A session with the SSgt Leach, Capt Matthews, Renee McGregor an external nutritionist and external coaches will be in the live Q&A session. The dates are as followed:

8 July 2020 – Load Management – How to balance your training, career and lifestyle. (18:30-19:30)

15 July 2020 – Nutrition with Renee McGregor. (19:00-2030)

22 July 2020 – How to structure your training: A key consideration framework. (18:00-20:00)

29 July 2020 – Coaches Corner: Live Q & A with the ATA and external Coaches. (18:00-20:00)

To see more details please click on the link to the first of the AI – 8 July 2020 Load Management.