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Citation is to consist of a single sheet of A4, attached to the citation template. Citation narrative is not to exceed 500 words single spaced (single A4 page using Arial 11 font).

  • Introduction: A short introduction to the individual – two or three sentences stating who they are, where they work, what they do and most importantly, why they are being nominated.
  • Primary Events and Achievements: Summarise events and achievements chronologically, however, do not just list achievements; the citation must be in prose.
  • Other Relevant Information: Other relevant details – including any support to wider team management or development of the sport, coaching and officiating.
  • Summary: Summarise the reasons why you believe the individual is worthy of the Award.
  • Signatures: Electronic signatures only.
  • All citations are to be sent to COS   by 12:30 on Monday 3rd Oct.

Award Catagories


  • Personnel only qualify for consideration if they are serving members of the Army, both regular and reserve, and meet the eligibility rules as laid down in JSP 660 and AGAI Vol 1 Chap 5. The exception is the Lifetime Achievement Award which can, in exceptional circumstances, be awarded to a retired service man or woman.
  • The sporting activity must be in one or more of the recognised approved sports, in accordance with JSP 660 Annex F to Chap 1.
  • Individual awards can only be won once. Further achievement can be recognised in a different form as decided by DASCB. It is possible though to receive separately a player and official award and also be part of a team award.

Sportsman, Sportswoman, Sports Official, Rising Star Award

  • Excellence in performance – achievement of participation (playing, officiating and coaching) at the highest levels e.g. Olympics, World Cups/Tournaments, and International recognition.
  • Suitable weighting to be given to competition to achieve levels of excellence. Mass participation sports versus specialist sports with limited participation.
  • Outstanding achievement in year.
  • Secondary Criteria.
  • Status of athlete – professional, elite, full/part time training or training in own time.
  • Contribution to organising, managing or coaching in the sport within the Army.
  • Contribution to NGB management.
  • History of contribution to a particular sport or a number of sports.

Sport Team Award

  • Only individual teams qualify – not sports associations or sub disciplines of associations.
  • Teams to be single sex unless NGBs recognise mixed sex participation within the same team – e.g. equitation.
  • Outstanding success in year.
  • Significant and sustained achievement over several years.
  • The success of the overall team is the primary factor, not the individual performances within the team.
  • Suitable weighting given to the extent and standard of competition to achieve the stated level of success. Lower levels of success (national rather than World or Olympic) in mass participation sports may be more significant than greater levels in those sports with limited participation.

Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Only awarded if there is a suitable candidate.
  • Should be serving but can, by exception, be a retired service man or woman.
  • To recognise an individual’s prolonged outstanding contribution to Army sport either as a competitor, official, coach or organiser.
  • Not restricted to the support of one sport.
  • Awarded to a sportsperson, official, coach or organiser who has made a major impact on Army sport during their employment with or in support of the Army.