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Civil Service Participation in Army Sport

Prior to the (then cancelled) Major/Minor Unit Competition last year the question was asked if Civil Service members could be included in the Championships.  This has taken some time for formal policy to be written but Army Squash are pleased to report the production of the attached ABN (effective from 1 Sep 21).

Civil Service Participation

Note that the inclusion of civilians in unit level teams is allowed provided the individual is employed within Army TLB, however they cannot compete in Corps or Army Teams (or indeed for UKAF for that matter).

This should allow more units to field teams in the Minor/Major Unit Squash Championships (scheduled for 18-20 Jan 22).   The rules for this competition will be updated to reflect this inclusion, we may extend the championships in duration to accommodate (note it may be capped to a certain number of Civil Servants per team as we should not be preventing SP to play by including a team full of CS

JSP 660 and AGAI 5 will be amended accordingly.