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Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll

Direction for British Army Sport

The direction provided to SS Sports Boards last night, which at the time was appropriate, has now been superceded by the issue of Guidelines for Mourning by DS Sec today [IMMEDIATE Signal DTG 091000Z SEP 22 MODUK ARMY to AIG 1001, AIG 1017, AIG 1453, AIG 4201 SIC Z3J/EUQ/I3M refers.

It details that Service sport is able to resume. Army sport may therefore continue during the period of National Mourning less the day of the funeral which is scheduled for 19 Sep. The only stipulation being that during the period of National Mourning a Minute’s Silence should be observed at the beginning of the fixture or event.

We are in an unprecedented situation, as we pay our respects to HM Queen Elizabeth II, during this national period of mourning and celebrate HM King Charles III as our Head of State and Head of the Armed Forces and therefore must ensure that our conduct within Army Sport remains exemplary.

Army C & E direction detailed below regarding Social Media remains extant. Secretaries, please ensure that this amended instruction is communicated swiftly within your sport.

The below details Army Comms & Engagement media direction over the period of national mourning.  DASCB has directed that Army sports SM accounts MUST adhere to this guidance.

British Army social media during BRIDGE operations

For the period of all BRIDGE operations, there are to be no communications from any British Army social media accounts other than the main British Army channels. This includes official accounts related to names, roles and job titles. All social media activity is to cease with effect from the official notification of a death. 

Social Media Guidelines

All are reminded to always adhere to the guidance on using social media responsibly

For any questions on SM please contact Claire Simpon or 07539 872007

For any queries regarding your sport activity please contact your sports secretary directly.