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Organising Overseas Visits - Quick Guide

For full process see AGAI Vol 1, Ch 5 – Sport (available through Defence Connect).

Tour Purpose:

  1. Reward achievement
  2. Means to develop team spirit
  3. Pre/post season preparation/finale
  4. Recruiting/retention tool
  5. Opportunity to compete against opposition of a different culture
  6. Opportunity to train and compete in challenging conditions
  7. Opportunity to promote defence engagement opportunities


  1. Invitation to tour/visit required from host country sponsor

Clearances/Number of participants

  1. Staff Clearance from CO or OC
  2. Sports Secretary Authority
  3. Diplomatic Clearance from Defence Attache (DA) of host country
  4. Authority to travel from ASCB – (
  5. Maximum Numbers for OSVs: (see document)


Public funds are not admissible for an Overseas Tour/Visit

Possible sources of non public funding include:

  • Individual contributions
  • Unit funds
  • Welfare funds
  • Sponsorship
  • Army Sport Lottery (ASL)
  • Berlin Infantry Brigade Memorial Trust Fund (BIBMTF) (see 2019DIN10-029)

For further information/contacts re funding see funding link on this site

Duty Status:

ASCB authority provides duty status approval as follows:

  • Traveling to and from the authorised overseas destination.
  • Participating as a player or official in authorised fixtures.
  • Traveling to and from such fixtures.
  • Traveling to and from and participating in organized training for such fixtures.


Highly Recommended:

Personal insurance to cover accident and personal liability
Personal Travel insurance to provide cover against flight cancellations, deployment on operations and other expenses

Post Exercise Report (PXR)

A PXR is only required for novel or contentious visits and will be requested during the approvals process if required.