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The Army Indoor Rowing Team have recently competed at 2 national events including the Welsh Indoor Rowing Championships (WIRC) in Cardiff, where the team was lucky enough to attend the event for the first time since the World champs in 2020. They then competed in the British Rowing Indoor Championships (BRIC) 6 days later, which unfortunately changed to a fully virtual event. Over these 2 events the team picked up an impressive 49 medals over various disciplines including team relays.

On 22 January 2022, the Scottish Rowing Indoor Championship (SRIC) was again held as a virtual event as a safety precaution. Individuals had to use their units, local gyms, living room and garages to make this possible. The commitment from this team over the Christmas period and new year shows how unbelievable they are with another horde of 30 medals across various events.

The Indoor Rowing season is ending soon with a grandstand finish on the world stage. The group was dreaming of an overseas trip to Hamburg, but this was not to be due to COVID restrictions. This made qualification difficult with only the top 3 entries per continent and category eligible to compete in the finals on 25-26 February 2022. The team’s fate will be decided after the 2 February when the qualification process ends.¬† Good luck everyone!

Fantastic results from Army Rowing at the Scottish Rowing Indoor Championships (SIRC) 2022,

13 members of the Army Indoor Rowing Team took part in the SIRC on Sat 22 Jan 22 competing in various events, including the 2000m, 500m, 100m and 90 seconds Team Relay.


Mens Open 2km

1st LCpl Thomas McBride 6:33.9

Mens Student Lwt 2km

2nd LCpl Daniel Satch 6:50.2

Mens 30-39 2km

2nd LCpl Stuart Elvin 6:15.6

3rd SSgt Ben Charlton 6:25.0

6th SCpl James Mulholland 6:40.5

Mens Lwt 30-39 2km

4th Maj Craig Mumby 6:43.4

Mens Lwt 40-49 2km

3rd Lt Col Jem Bersin 6:48.2

Mens Open 500m

2nd LCpl Thomas McBride 1:25.5

Mens Lwt 500m

1st LCpl Daniel Satch 1:24.4

Mens 30-39 500m

2nd LCpl Stuart Elvin 1:18.2

8th SCpl James Mulholland 1:29.2

Mens Lwt 30-39 500m

2nd Maj Craig Mumby 1:29.1

Mens Lwt 40-49 500m

2nd Lt Col Jem Bersin 1:29.1

Mens Team event (4x90s)

1st SSgt Ben Charlton, SCpl James Mulholland, LCpl Stuart Elvin, LCpl Thomas McBride

3rd Lt Col Jem Bersin, Maj Craig Mumby, Maj Kevin Sheppard, LCpl Daniel Satch

Womens Open 2km

2nd LCpl Emma Simpson 7:33.9

4th OCdt Ceri Abbit 8:01.2

Womens 30-39 2km

2nd Sgt Adelle Tudor 7:35.5

Womens Lwt 30-39 2km

3rd Maj Hannah Beaumont 7:53.2 PB

Womens Open 500m

1st LCpl Emma Simpson 1:39.8

2nd OCdt Ceri Abbit 1:49.2

Womens 30-39 500m

1st LCpl Nikki Kelly 1:40.0

Womens Lwt 30-39 500m

2nd Maj Hannah Beaumont 1:45.2

Womens Open 100m

2nd LCpl Emma Simpson 18.2

Womens Team event (4x90s)

1st OCdt Ceri Abbit, Sgt Adelle Tudor, LCpl Nikki Kelly, LCpl Emma Simpson