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Criteria for using Hotel Accommodation.
The following criteria must be met when applying to HQ ASCB for authority to book hotel accommodation for Army Representative sports teams if military accommodation in Aldershot Garrison is unavailable:

A. JSP 752 – Tri-Service Regulations for Allowances & Expenses.
B. 2019DIN10-015 – Army Sports Lottery.
C. JSP 660 – Sport in the UK Armed Forces.

Accommodation Guidance Notice

1 – All teams must first apply to book military accommodation through Sodexo’s Central Accommodation Booking Service (CABS)*** by emailing

. For Inter Service fixtures outside of Aldershot, non-availability certificates will be required from the nearest military accommodation providers.

2 – When applying for military accommodation through Sodexo CABS, teams must be prepared to accept any offer of accommodation, even if it means splitting the team. CABS Staff have been instructed to offer sports teams any quantity of available rooms, even if it does not accommodate the whole team.

3 – If a booking with CABS is made more than 4 weeks before the requirement, at the 28-day point teams are to confirm that accommodation remains unavailable before requesting authority to book hotel accommodation.

4 – Only funding for up to 2 nights of alternative accommodation will be provided for authorised Representative competitive fixtures, inclusive of any pre-fixture training. Representative tournaments of more than 2 days duration will also be facilitated. Any additional nights will need to be funded by the respective sport association/union

5 – Training Camps will not be funded through this process and teams should consider an Army Sports Lottery grant application in accordance with Reference B.

6 – Funding will only be provided to accommodate the number of personnel as authorised at Part 2, Chapter 2, Annex A of Reference C

7 – Once authorised to book hotel accommodation, it must be booked on a room-only basis. Meals and any other incidentals must be paid at individual or non-public expense.

8 – The ASCB CF contribution will be limited to a maximum of £70.00 per person per night. Any costs above this amount must be met by the individual or other non-public sources.

9 – Teams must seek value for money and always book twin rooms wherever available.

10 – Invoices or receipts must be itemised to identify the type and quantity of rooms and the duration of stay

***  CABS will move to a new booking process called SLAMIS in the near future. Further detail to follow once processes are known

Process for Booking Hotel Accommodation.

Based on the criteria above, teams are to adhere to the following process when requesting to book hotel accommodation:

1 – All teams must attempt to book military accommodation through Sodexo CABS, or in other locations through the nearest military accommodation.

2 – Teams must accept any offer of accommodation from CABS, or other military provider, even if it means splitting the team.

3 – Where military accommodation cannot be provided, a non-availability certificate must be obtained and confirmed less than 28-days before the accommodation is required.

4 – At this point, an application must be submitted to ASCB Ops Branch ( to request authority to book civilian hotel accommodation.

5 – ASCB Ops Branch will assess the request. If approved, the team representative will be informed to source quotes for hotel accommodation within close proximity of Aldershot (or the Inter Service fixture) and it must be based on the criteria at para 3 above.

6 – When considering payment, there are two options:

  • If the hotel can provide a single invoice prior to occupancy, then the itemised invoice is to be forwarded to for pre-payment
  • A member of the team, or the Association/Union, can pay for the accommodation, either in advance or following occupancy, and forward a single receipt to for a refund. When submitting an application for a refund, the team representative must provide the details of the bank account into which the refund is to be made.

Further Advice. For further advice on the booking of hotel accommodation when military accommodation for Army Representative sport is unavailable, please contact the ASCB Ops Offr – Maj (Retd) Andy Punter (