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WUKF GB Open Karate Championship

Army Karate had another fantastic weekend competing at the WUKF GB Open Karate Championship

Maj Ronnie Harley RAMC,
Capt Alex Merisiou RAMC,
WO2 Brian Hall RIFLES,
WO2 Hayley Hall RE
Cpl Billy Brogan RLC

They all represented the Army at the inaugural WUKF GB Open Karate Championships at the K2 Arena, Crawley.

The Army came away with:

Harley – individual Bronze Ippon Kumite
Merisiou –  Silver individual Kumite
Hall H –
Gold – 36-40 Sanbon Kumite
Gold – 41-50 Sanbon Kumite
Gold – 36-40 Ippon Kumite
Bronze – 41-50 Ippon Kumite
Bronze – 21-35 Ippon Kumite
Brogan –
Gold individual Sambon Kumite, Silver individual Ippon Kumite

The Army also won
1 male team Kumite Gold
1 male team Kumite bronze
1 female team Kumite Gold
2 female team Kumite Bronze