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The documents contained within the list below are stored on Defence Connect. Therefore, you will need to be logged into Defence Connect in order for the link to open a particular document. If you have any issues please email
JSP 462 Part 1: Directive​ (please note this link is only accessible via MODNET)Financial Management and Charging Policy Manual
JSP 660 Part 1UK Armed Forces Sports Policy - Directive
JSP 660 Part 2UK Armed Forces Sports Policy - Guidance
JSP 765 Part 1: DirectiveArmed Forces Compensation Scheme Statement of Policy
AGAI Vol 1 Ch 5Sport
AGAI Vol 2 Ch 39Resilience Margin
AGAI Vol 2 Ch 39 Annex CAESP ReM Application Form
AGAI Vol 3 Ch 111Professional Sportspersons in the Army
ACSO 1209Authorisation of Comparable Activities which are not Categorised as Adventurous Training or Sport
ACSO 1200The Army’s Safety and Environmental Management System
ACSO 2190The Security of Personal and Mission Critical Information
ACSO 3206Army Welfare Funds
ACSO 9001Army Policy For Audit and Inspection (A&I) 2022
2019DIN01-020Visits to South Africa
2017DIN10-050Army Sport Charitable Fund – Application Procedure
2019DIN10-025Travel at Public Expense for Army Sport
2019DIN10-029Berlin Infantry Brigade Memorial Trust Fund (BIBMTF)
2023DIN10-013Army Sports Lottery
ARA PD 1, Edn 2ARA Clay Target Shooting Policy
Army Sport Sponsorship Directive
Sponsorship Toolkit