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SOTR – Statement of Trained Requirement

A. JSP 660 – Sport in the UK Armed Forces.
B. AGAI Vol 1 Ch 5 – Sport.
C. 2022DIN10-016 – Army Sports Lottery.
D. JSP 752 – Tri-Service Regulations for Allowances & Expenses.

In accordance with References A and B, to ensure that sport in the Army is delivered safely, it is necessary that activity is conducted under the supervision of Suitably Qualified and Experienced Personnel (SQEP). In collaboration with HQ Army Sport, Head Personnel Policy (Hd Pers Pol), as the Training Requirements Authority (TRA) for Sport in the Army, secured funding through the Annual Budgetary Cycle (ABC) for the attainment of sports coaching, officiating and safety-related qualifications for service personnel in the Army. Initial funding was secured for an annual allocation over a 4-year cycle commencing FY 20-21.


To be eligible for funding from Army Sport’s SOTR, the following criteria apply:

  • In accordance with Reference A, only those sports listed as a Category 1 or Category 2 sport are eligible to receive public funding. Other Categorised sports may apply for non-public funding from the Army Sports Lottery as detailed in Reference C.
  • Army Sport SOTR funding is only available for serving members of the Regular Army and the Army Reserve.
  • Only those qualifications delivered or recognised by the respective sport’s National Governing Body (NGB) will be eligible. Where a pre-requisite qualification is necessary to achieve a coaching, officiating or safety-related qualification, then the pre-requisite qualification could also be funded, examples include:
    1. Safeguarding & Child Protection qualifications.
    2. First Aid qualifications.
    3. Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) Checks
  • The payment of membership or affiliation fees (i.e. NGB Membership) cannot be paid from Army Sport SOTR funding and must be met by the individual or non-public funds. 2
  • SOTR funding for sports qualifications must only be used where the individual is expected to provide a minimum of two seasons’ return of service by utilising the qualification in the conduct of sport at Army, Corps or Unit level.


  • The process for applying for SOTR funding is as follows
    1. Army Sports Associations and Unions forecast their SOTR requirement for the next Financial Year (FY) and include the projected funding requirement in their annual Army Sport Operating Grant (Op Grant) Bid.
    2. Based on the forecasted requirement, Army Sport will apportion the available SOTR funding across all eligible sports and confirm the level of funding in each respective sport’s Op Grant allocation letter.
  • Qualifications can then be obtained through one of two ways:
    1. A centralised course co-ordinated by the respective Sports Association//Union and delivered by the NGB or a recognised course provider.
    2. Attendance by an individual or group of individuals on a course co-ordinated by the respective sport’s NGB or a recognised course provider.
  • Prior to co-ordinating a centralised course or authorising course attendance, the Sports Association/Union Secretary must first confirm their intent with Army Sport Ops Branch ( to ensure itis eligible for SOTR funding. Once eligibility is confirmed, the course can be conducted or attended.
  • On completion of the course, the following are to be forwarded to AS Ops Branch (
    1. A fully completed copy of the Army Sport’s SOTR Spread sheet which will be distributed with this Guidance Note or available on request from Army Sport Ops Branch.
    2. An invoice from the course provider or a receipt1from the course attendee.
    3. The bank details of the organisation or individual to where payment is to be made.
  • Army Sport Ops Branch will check all submitted paperwork for auditability and forward it to Army Sport Finance Department for subsequent payment.
  • Army Sport Ops Branch will maintain a record of all SOTR-funded qualifications.

Travel & Subsistence.

Sports courses are the same as any other course and once
attendance has been approved by an individual’s Unit, the course is eligible for travel and
subsistence from the Unit budget in accordance with Reference D.

JPA Input.

On completion of the course, it is an individual’s responsibility to have
their qualification recorded within their Training History on JPA by the Unit Trg Clerk.

Further Advice.

For further advice on the funding of sports coaching, officiating and
safety-related qualifications for service personnel in the Army, please contact the Army Sport
Ops Branch (