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Sporting Highlights

Ex Telemark Titan 2023 – 4 OCdts won a total of 23 medals

Ex Telemark Titan 2023
For the past 2 weeks, 7 officer cadets went took part in Ex Telemark Titan. Read on for an account of what they got up to…
The training consisted of daily lessons to introduce the OCdts to telemarking – a discipline that none of them had tried before. The training culminated in a qualification race on the Friday of the first week and 4 OCdts qualified for the British Army Telemark Championships. The remaining 3 OCdts qualified for the development races. Both sets of races took part in the second week with all three of the OCdts in the development race getting at least one podium place, and over all getting a total of 6 medals between them. With Ocdt Henley and Ocdt Grimwade getting a gold, silver and bronze in the women’s army category, Ocdt Kearney winning two bronze medals and then all winning a bronze in the overall team combination.
In the British championship, the 4 OCdts won a total of 23 medals, with OCdts Binnington, Kelly and Garrett taking to the podium for the Army Women’s category in every race. And OCdts Binnington and Kelly placing second and third in the over all women’s British Telemark Championship open category.
A special mention to Ocdt Ryder for placing second in the overall novice category and Ocdt Kelly who won the U21 Army Championship and U21 Women’s Championship and came 2nd in the overall U21 Championships. Another special mention for Ocdt Binnington who also took home the Female Army overall champion. Ocdts Binnington, Kelly and Garrett have all been selected to represent the Army Telemark Team going forward.