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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I organise an Overseas Sports Visit?

  1. Obtain a copy of AGAI Vol 1, Ch 5 – Sport (available through Defence Connect)
  2. The visit is to be funded by non-public funds
  3. There is no entitlement to MT or CILOR
  4. Authorisation is required from:
    • Chain of Command
    • Sports Secretary
    • DA/Embassy of country of destination
    • ASCB (email:
  5. Numbers of participants are restricted (see JSP660_Part2_Ch3_Annex-A-Max-OSV-Participants)
  6. Funding is available for overseas sports visits from:
    • Army Sports Lottery (applicants must be members and have paid into the lottery via their salary prior to travel). See 2019DIN10-015 and
    • Berlin Infantry Brigade Memorial Trust Fund (BIBMTF). This is an independent Trust Fund which offers financial support to AT and Sports visits overseas.
      See DIN 2019DIN10-029

How do I book a ferry for an overseas tour?

The process has now been streamlined by the introduction of a partnership with Traveleads – a company based in Leeds who specialise in arranging travel. You can now deal direct with Traveleads who will respond to your enquiry via an online enquiry form –

  1. From the Home Page click on the Travel tab.
  2. This will link you directly to the Traveleads website.
  3. Below the ASCB logo, click on the enquiry form link.
  4. The link will allow you to open/save the form.
  5. Complete the form with as much detail as possible.
  6. Email the form directly to Traveleads.
  7. Traveleads will respond to your enquiry with pricing and possible sailing times.

What is the difference between a ‘sports’ tour and an ‘adventure training’ tour?

  1. To be classed as a Sports tour, there needs to be an element of competition, i.e. matches versus overseas teams or entry into an event/race/competition.
  2. Sports tours qualify for Lottery funding.
  3. An Adventure Training tour tends to involve a mixture of events or the opportunity to learn new skills, without a competitive element.
  4. Adventure Training tours do not qualify for Lottery funding but are authorised and funded through Divisional PD’s for Adventure Training.

Do training camps qualify for Lottery funding?

Army Sports Lottery (ASL) members are eligible to apply for a grant towards the cost of travel only to take part in an authorised overseas Army or Corps Training Camp (except for Winter Sports). There is a limit of one Training Camp per year per sport per discipline where applicable. The Camp must be in preparation for a Corps level competition and above taking place no later than 3 months after the Camp.

How do I qualify for Army Representative Colours?

The awarding of Army Colours differs for each Army sport but generally Colours are awarded annually to members, with Management Committee approval. Below is an example of Army Winter Sports Association (AWSA) policy:

    1. Nordic Skiing
      To not more than 8 men and 4 women who are selected to represent the Army in an Inter Service or international race in either biathlon or cross country skiing.
    2. Alpine Sports
      a. Alpine. To not more than 9 men and 7 women who are selected to represent the Army in an Inter Service or international race.
      b. Snowboard. To not more than 10 men and 5 women who are selected to represent the Army in an Inter Service or international race.
      c. Telemark. To not more than 6 men and (3 women) who are selected to represent the Army in an Inter Service or international race.
    3. Ice Sport
      Bobsleigh, Skeleton and Luge. To those individuals who are selected to represent the Army in an Inter Service or international race.
    4. Cresta
      To those 6 members who are selected to represent the Army in the Inter Service championships.

Army Colours consist of a red crew neck sweater with a gold and silver wire embroidered Army staff badge (crown and lion) located on the left breast of the chest. In the centre of the sweater a scroll is added stating the discipline involved. Army Colours holders will also be entitled to wear the AWSA tie with gold motif (the tie with silver motif being reserved for ordinary members).

How do I book accommodation when our Unit/Corps/Army team is taking part in a sports competition which requires an overnight (or longer) stay?

Military accommodation is booked through the Central Army Booking Service (CABS) – Tel: 01252 354305. Accommodation is limited so as much notice as possible should be given.

How do I join the Army Sports Lottery

  1. Obtain a copy of the ASL DIN 2019DIN10-015
  2. Or go direct to the Army Sports Lottery website
  3. Click on the ‘Your Lottery’ – menu link on the website.
  4. Follow the instructions dependant on Regular or Reserve TOS.