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The Army Sport Scholarship Scheme which represents Tier 3 of the Army Elite Athlete Programme selection board sat on Wed 10 Jul 19; the Board considered 67 applications from 20 Sports Associations & Unions (there were 71 applications from 18 Sports Associations & Unions in 2018) and, as with last year, the candidates included a number of athletes who were automatically considered for this Scholarship having been unsuccessful in their applications for the Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS).

The Army Sport Scholarship Scheme, which now includes both BAE Scholars and ASCB Sport Scholars, enables DASCB to target funding at our brightest and best young sportsmen and women from all disciplines who aspire to join the Army Elite Sport Programme.  We are using the Army Sport Scholarship Scheme to assist the funding for those younger athletes whom we have identified as future TASS talent at Tier 2 of the Elite Programme and, as evidence of success you will be pleased to know that 14 of last year’s Army Sport Scholars were selected for this year’s TASS programme.

The Board is pleased to announce the results of the awards which are attached at Annex A for BAE Scholars and Annex B for ASCB Sport Scholars.  In total 50 athletes have been selected for Scholarships and entry into the Army Elite Sport Programme this year.

There is a mandatory Briefing/ Induction Day for all Army Elite Athletes.  This year it will be held in Fox Lines, Aldershot at the Army School of Physical Training on 3 Sep 19.  Further details will be distributed in due course but for planning purposes the day will commence at 0930hrs and will be complete by 1500hrs.  Secretaries are to ensure their athletes are aware and attend.


1 LCpl Grand R Sigs Alpine


2 LCpl Arnold Rogers RGR Athletics
3 Gnr Alice Miell RA Athletics


4 Capt Faith Taylor RAMC Athletics


5 Capt Ed Knudsen REME Athletics


6 LCpl Nicholas Lawson INF Canoeing


7 LCpl Ben Payne RE Canoeing


8 Pte Georgina Preston AMS Canoeing


9 Sgt Sulette Klopper RA Canoeing


10 LCpl Kieran Simcox RL Cycling


11 Cpl Rich Jennings RLC Cycling


12 Cpl Maj Russ Danckert CAMUS Cycling


13 LCpl Edwards RMP Fencing


14 Cpl Lucy Reading AMS Hockey


15 LCpl Heidi Devey R Sigs Hockey
16 Capt Alex Paske RE Judo
17 Cpl Sarah Hawkes AGC (RMP) Judo
18 LCpl Gyula Menyik AGC (SPS) Judo


19 Pte Aiden Donald PARA Judo
20 Cpl Adam Biggs   Kayaking
21 Capt Stephen Robinson AAC Kayaking
22 Capt Nick Hadland CAMUS Kayaking
23 Sgt Yamikani Guba RA Martial Arts
24 Cpl Chris Diamond R Sigs Motorsport


25 Sgt Thomas Sykes RE Motorsport


26 Cpl Joe Nicholson RE Squash


27 LCpl Toby Newman RA Squash


28 Capt Wild RA Triathlon



1 Pte Oliver Butterworth PARA Bobsleigh
2 Pte Luke Dawes PARA Bobsleigh
3 Sgt Christopher Steel 2 RA Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
4 LCpl Ricky Bellingham INT Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
5 SSgt Andrew Capper INT Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
6 Cpl Hinds RLC Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
7 LCpl Robert Bennett REME Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
8 Pte Webb AAC Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
9 Fus Lewis Phillips FUS Golf
10 Pte David Blick PARA Golf
11 GDSM Jordan Slater COLDM GDS Golf
12 WO2 Brian Hall REME Karate
13 SSgt Hayley Hall RE Karate
14 SSgt Ratsey RE Karate
15 Capt Karen Owen AGC (ETS) Karate
16 Pte James Roe RLC Kitesurfing
17 Lt Mark Spencer AAC Kitesurfing
18 Spr Andrew Mawhinney RE Rock Climbing
19 LCpl Andrew Leitch INF Surfing
20 LCpl Kathleen Baker QARANC Swimming
21 Lt Alex Hadock INT Tennis
22 Spr Simon Killips RE Tennis