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UK Armed Forces Badminton Championships 2022

The RAFBA hosted the United Kingdom Armed Forces (UKAF) Badminton Championships from Mon 7 to Fri 11 Mar 22 in Burnett Gymnasium, RAF Halton by the kind permission of Station Cmdr.

The team played very well during the whole week and achieved individual successes. However, on the team event, both the Ladies, Men’s and Mixed teams narrowly missed out to the RAF this year, who took the triple, but it wasn’t with ease and the scores do not give justice to the close games held on the court throughout the week.

The Men’s team never gave up without a fight after a tough first day, they came back to push the RAF all the way to the end with the score ending 7-6.

The Ladies team closely behind were always pushing the RAF Ladies, to ensure they were challenged until the very last game with a score ending 9-4.

Team Army Mixed just lost out again to the RAF, the scores again do not do the games justice, taking the majority to 3 ends, just not tilting our way, with the score ending 3-2.

Therefore, the overall combined title also going to the RAF 19-12, rest assured next year the Army Team will re-group, re-focus and be back to reclaim the overall and will seek to take all 3 events come the 22/23 season.

Here are a list of Winners are Runner’s up

Men’s Singles:

Winner: WO2 David Williams

Ladies Singles:

Winner: Lt Gemma Tobin

Men’s Doubles:

Winners: Cpl Lok Thapa & Cpl Umesh Bhujel

R-Up: WO2 David Williams & Sig Tom Clancy

Mixed Doubles:

Winners: WO2 David Williams & Lt Gemma Tobin

Masters Doubles:

R-Up: Cpl Netra Gurung & Sgt Krishna Limbu